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Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE

Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE
Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE
Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE
Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE
Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE
Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE
Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE

Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE
Thank you for your understanding! Original Sculpt Name :''Liam'' by Bonnie Brown. Weight: Approx +/-: 8.5 lbs (3.85 Kg). Note: All Measures are Approximate.

I hope you enjoy the following photos of this adorable toddler that I've reborn in my nursery. I took all the photos you see in a variety of natural lighting conditions to show how the baby's complexion changes in different light intensities of the day (just like real babies).

I don't normally use a camera flash, so the natural light changes the intensity of his skintone colors as the sun goes in and out of the clouds. This is why some pictures look''brighter or more brilliant'' than others. Sometimes refreshing your page will help with the completion of the download of the pictures. His sculpting detail is so realistic, it is such a pleasure to bring dress him up and pose him for pictures! He will make an excellent addition to any reborn collection! He is 28 inches in length from head to tip of his toes and will fit in most outfits or up to 9 months depending on brand with the best sizes being 6-9 month size. Shoe size with socks is 3 but can wear size 2 with no socks like sandles or sneakers.

COA (Certificate of Authenticity) will come with him to authenticate his limited edition status signed by the sculptor and will add to his future value. Luke is considered''TODDLER'' size at approximately 28 inches in length, and has FULL vinyl arms and legs attached to a non-disc jointed body made just for this sculpt so it's very proportionate and has a cinched bottom. He is a very realistic size and is a joy to carry around on your hip just like a real-life toddler!

The Genesis heat-set painting is not overdone so as to remain lifelike as possible for a healthy baby glow and older baby sunkissed, dewy complexion. The vinyl is smooth to the touch and is not rough as I don't use a harsh varnish, but I do use a thin layer of Genesis thinning gel to cut down on shine and seal it.

This is much less rough to the touch and doesn't mute his coloring/blushing when cured.. The best of both worlds, in my opinion! Each layer of Genesis paint is applied in such a way to give the skintone depth and realism. There is faint bluish undertones throughout in all the appropriate places. This is to mimic areas of thinner skin and veins, and they lie just below the skin surface so they look blended...

Not simply''drawn on'' and do not overpower the baby's complexion. I have micro-rooted Luke's head with silky-soft, mix of pale and golden BLONDE shades of gorgeous HIGH QUALITY Mohair.

This type of hair is. Quality in both feel and look and is straight with no kink or frizz and is wispy! VERY easy to maintain and fun to gently style from time to time with cowlicks and spikey looks. This very subtle mix of blonde colors I rooted is meant to mimic growing little ones who still have their baby soft, straight and fine hair on top and subtle curl in the back in a classic baby hairline complete with swirled crown.

The scalp was painted with gentle strokes to give it extra depth of color and realistic appearance of''peach fuzz'' on the hairline. Excellent, quality hair is a top priority in the creation of all my reborns and is one of the most important aspects of a reborn baby both in terms of realism and future value.

I spare no expense in getting the best hair on the market to use on my reborns. It is secured with adhesive under the scalp and is easy to maintain with GENTLE damp combing and left to dry naturally for the straight, non-frizzy look you see in the photos. I have given Luke high quality blue German GLASS eyes and micro rooted upper lashes. The eyebrows are painted wispy and fine and do not overpower the baby's face.

The nostrils shaded to give depth and realism The Luke's lips and tongue were painted in differing colors pinkish- mauve and glossed to protect the paint and give it a moist look. He has tiny bottom teeth painted realistically as well. He does have a magnet in his mouth to accommodate his pacifier.

This can be removed upon request. Each of the baby's tiny nail beds have been given realistic touches and glossing so they look like they've just been clipped.

The limbs have been weighted with ultrafine glass beads and premium polyfil. I put some high quality glass bead and polyfil in his cloth body area with more concentrated weight in his bottom to balance the weight. His head was only slightly weighted so his head does not slump over as he is a toddler with more neck control. There is no sand used so this baby is able to travel anywhere overseas from the USA.

ADORABLE and STYLISH is his wardrobe so far but adding to it will be half the fun of owning this adorable toddler! BRANDS include: H&M jeans with suspenders can be matched with his white polo shirt and H&M stylish grey cardigan can be paired with classic size 3 New Balance athletic shoes. Plus Absorba brand 2pc nautical shorts outfit that can be paired with is the size 2 Converse sneakers (fit best without socks). Calvin Klein 3 piece outfit with slouchy cap is an added bonus + more. He is a joy to shop for and dress up!

Plus his Peter Rabbit stuffed toy he got for Easter will come with him as well. I can remove these magnets if necessary as they can harm those with pace-makers. All other blankets, baby grooming, hospital equipment and seating props, etc you see in the photos are only photo props and will not be included. Luke will arrive in timely manner if paid for promptly as laid out below in the''terms and conditions'' and would be a unique gift!

Does this little boy remind you of a someone you've seen or had in your life? If so, don't this little cutie get away as there will. Be another from my nursery. I have had to reduce or turn down custom orders due to increased demand on other endeavors. He is not made for small children as this is an adult collector quality reborn, older children would be fine, however. Each reborn is unique expression of the artist and cannot be repeated as an exact copy in regards to other's reborning work or even my own.... They are that unique in that each one is different in it's own way.

I back my work 100% and use only the finest materials to make this baby. I have described this baby to the best of my ability and have provided many detailed and close up pictures for you to get a portrayal of him as accurate as possible over the internet. All babies come from a 100% smoke free environment. See PREVIOUSLY adopted babies from my nursery BELOW to get an idea of my past work!

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  • Brand/Artist: Sculpted by Bonnie Brown
  • Doll Gender: Boy Doll
  • Doll Size: Approx 28 inches
  • Brand//Artist: Reborn by Bluebonnet Babies
  • Brand: Liam Sculpt - 1st Edition LE
  • Type: Baby
  • Features: Artist Made

Bluebonnet Babies REBORN DollToddler Blonde Boy Liam by Bonnie Brown LE