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Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA

Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA
Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA
Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA
Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA
Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA

Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA

Created by Master Reborn Artist Cassie. 10% of all profits go to the Brave and Beautiful children at St Jude Childrens Research Hospital so that they can keep finding cures. Baby Ember was born September 21. Baby weighs 5 pounds 1 ounces.

And is approximately 19 inches. Aby Ember was brought to life from the. Sculpt by the Wonderfully Talented.

This Gorgeous Baby Girl is from a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition. She is number 40 from a Worldwide Limited Edition of 1300. Aby Ember is a Delightful little Sleeping Girl.

I have taken MANY photos of her over a few days time so you can see her true colors. Sweet Embers Details at a Glance. He has a Beautiful Blonde hair. I have combined a Fine Mohair and Alpaca Hair to get a wonderful soft and very easy to fix baby hair. I have mono/micro rooted her hair with a fine gauge needle.

Only a one or two hairs at a time have been rooted so that it looks as though it is naturally growing out of her scalp. It is then sealed on the inside, so you can wet it and fix it without worry.

Orgeous and realistic Natural Skin tones. Entle and Soft MOTTLING and Veining. I give ALL of my babies Realistic SUBTLE VEINS and Shadowing in ALL the appropriate places to make them as realistic as possible and to really bring them to life. Layers of paint give them. A natural and realistic translucent Coloring.

These are paints that are made specifically for the Art of reborning and are baked on in. Many thin layers to add depth and realism.

These paints will NOT fade. Your baby will be just as beautiful for MANY generations to come. Eighted with Fine GLASS beads. Distributed in ALL the right places, so that she is Sweet and True to hold.

Inely Hand painted Eyebrows and. Hand Rooted MOHAIR LASHES in a soft Brown Hair. Ead circumference is 13.25 inches. Preemie head circumference is between 8.2 and 12.9 inches. Newborns head circumference is between 13.25 and 14.25 inches, 3- 6 months head circumference is between 14-17 inches.

Has a small magnet to help hold in her Binky. Sweet and Yummy Fresh Baby Powder Scent makes her smell like she has just come from the Bath. I mix ALL of my own scents.

I do not use the strong scent wafers. If you would like babys magnet or scent to be taken out before coming home please let me know.

It is no trouble for me to do this for you. Er nose has not been opened.

It has been shaded to add depth. Atural shine on her sweet little. I have also put a soft shine on her little. For those wanting her for. My babies are always weighted to feel realistic when you hold them. He wears Newborn size and some 0-3 month clothing, Depending on the clothes. Do not hesitate to ask. I do offer a short term Layaway plan. If you would like to do the layaway, PLEASE. If you have less than 10 feedback YOU MUST. All of Baby Embers outfits are NEW and she will come home with ALL the OUTFITS in Her photos: NO PROPS or Tummy Plates will be included. Soft Mint Greed Dress with Matching Bloomers.

Neutral Tan Long sleeve, bottom snap Shirt. Short Sleeve, Bottom snap Dark Blue Shirt. Certificate of Authenticity (if Applicable). Authentic Doves Nursery Birth Certificate.

Doves Nursery Reborn Care Instructions. I have taken lots of pictures of Ember so that you can see her in all different poses, and in different lighting. I take all of my own photos and they are all taken in natural light.

I Do NOT use a flash or fake lighting. Since I use natural lighting the colors can vary a little in different photos depending on the weather and time of day.

I try to take enough pictures so that you can see her true skin coloring. All of my babies are as. I spend MANY hours creating unique and realistic babies. I have been creating and adopting my babies for about 16 year. A lot of love and time goes into each one of my babies.

I live in the beautiful mountains of Idaho and have 5 wonderful Children and 6 Grandchildren. Loving on the real little critters and being up close and personal with them has been my inspiration for the coloring and veining and love that goes into all my newborns. I have been asked to sign my babies, so I have started signing and dating them. I have always been involved in some form of art and my signature has always been " Laud Adonay " meaning, A high form of praise for my Master. This is how my babies will be signed.

Doves Nursery is a clean and Smoke FREE environment. I have taken many pictures. ALL of my babies are exactly what you see. They are not misrepresented in any way. I have NO DOUBT that you will be in love from the moment you hold your new baby.

I MUST BE contacted within 24 hours of receipt and MUST receive the baby within 7 days of receipt. Contact me within 24 hours of receiving Baby.

Thank you SO much for looking. A few things I have heard from folks who have gotten their Babies. Thank you guys for the wonderful and kind notes that you send. My wonderful baby just arrived. I love her so much!

You wrapped her so carefully, and of course, she arrived in perfect condition. I recently adopted some other "babies", but honestly, you are such a fantastic artist, this is a baby who could be an "only child ", and I would be totally satisfied. You truly have a gift, and I hope you will continue to bring joy to others for many years to come. Cassie girl, you did it again.... Oh, did I say yet, I'M IN LOVE!!!!

Those ears and those toes are ADORABLE, but it's that. It's such a treat when your babies arrive and I can't possibly think. That they'd be any more cute than they are in the photos, and EVERY.

She looks so unbelievably real..... He came and surprised me. So soon after you mailed him Cassie.. Im so lucky to have found you because I can trust every time that my/your baby will be tops, I thank you with all my heart.

Better than in pics even! She cuddled with me all night! You make such sweet dolls, I hope u have no plans to retire! Lol : I read where another lady was papering her walls with your dolls so I'm guessing I'm not the only one who loves your work over and over again!

Thank you Cassie from the bottom of my heart. My precious Aurora is being cuddled.. OK, to give it a try. My first glance made my heart skip a beat, I swear!! Cassie, she is just exquisite!!

Her complexion is just plain gorgeous.. And exactly what I had requested of you..

Especially that beautiful little mouth.. And I can attest to the fact that I can easily confirm that statement : You have been blessed with exceptional talent.. And my hope is that more and more perspective Mommies have the thrill of owning one of your.

Yes, they are definitely works of art. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to create this little one for me. What else can I say?? And a little bit of "Cassie" is evident in every step of the creation, and preparation in sending these little ones off.. Well, I feel blessed on this day.. For knowing you, and of course, for precious "Rory".

OH CASSIE, she took my breath away!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do I write this in any type of composed manner... I feel like I have a real baby here!!! You are the most BRILLIANT artist ever!!!

And I mean that most sincerely!!! I didn't think she could be any more beautiful than the photos, but oh my goodness.... OH MY GOODNESS (see, I can't compose myself enough to even write this). I have seen nothing like this, Cassie.

You, Cassie dear, are the Michelangelo of Reborns!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!! I just got home to find that Sunny has arrived. I wish you could have seen me opening the box... It was magic & there she was, the perfection of Sunny, I absolutely adore her.

Her dear little face has that baby look of wonder & vulnerability & she cuddles all up into a snuggly warm little bundle. Your work is consistently brilliant Cassie & I should know, as I'm lining my walls with your babies, ha, ha! Thank you SO MUCH for this precious wee bodkin : I will always treasure her & can feel the love, energy, talent & care you put into each masterpiece.

YOU are THE BEST, better than any other reborn artist I know & I have seen a lot at close hand. And OH MY Cassie, Attie is beyond MAGNIFICIENT!

She is so cute and beyond perfection! I swear she is looking right at me when I hold her. As wonderful as her pictures are, she far exceeds those in person. She is the heaviest baby I have and it really does feel like I'm holding a live newborn, which I'm finding out is one of your many talents. Her soft blond hair and tiny eyelashes, the coloring of her lips, her little hands and feet, her arms and legs, those beautiful blue eyes, her baby smell - all of these things are what makes your babies so special.

Thank you so much Cassie for Attie and my awesome Harley too! They are my absolute favorite babies. You're instincts for creating these masterpieces is uncanny!

I got into work this morning and have my sweet Harley! It looks and feels like real hair. You did such a wonderful job on her! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with those of us that can't do these beautiful babies. I love holding her and smelling her sweet scent.

Your exquisite artistry has just given me a true Miracle... I have never been as touched emotionally, upon my first look at a baby, as I have just experienced when opening your beautifully packaged, STUNNING work of art!! She is the most endearing, perfect in every single way, reborn I have ever been blessed to call my own! I picked her up, tears welling up in my eyes, and held her close to me.

Of course her little head dropped immediately and so realistically on my shoulder. No one weights and balances a baby as perfectly as you do! Her appearance is as precious as a newly born, pink cheeked, bundle of joy.. I placed her in my arms, and I swear she snuggled right in, hands in a totally natural, made to cuddle position : She looks and "smells" as though she has just been removed from a fresh and soothing bath. You have brought the smiles back, Cassie : Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this irreplaceable gift!

Sooo good just like a real baby!!! He has the most precious little face in the world and I love..

Love, love his body and how u have to support his neck & head. He's SO cuddly like a real baby. He is my new favorite reborn!!!

I cant put him down. Cassie can I just say out of all my reborns.

He has the nicest head of hair. The best most realistic and baby soft like newborn hair. He looks SO real its crazy. My husband thinks he's the cutest baby I own he's so happy! I cant thank u enough.

Baby Meadow was delivered yesterday. She is so adorable, her pictures did not do her justice. She is now my ALL time favorite! I have never had a baby so well done. You are so extremely talented. There is not another reborn artist I would adopt form again! Thank you so much for this amazing gift. She will be passed down as an heirloom someday to my oldest Granddaughter who is now in medical school. I just wrote a lengthy and wonderful letter to you in regard to receiving gorgeous little Liv. I had wanted to comment on your Lovely letter as well as to gush over your talent, and how stunning this baby is in person.

Thank you for the ultimate joy you have brought me today! Her photos were beautiful, however did not due her justice. She is more exquisite in person!!

I think I have to have more : I have never had a more realistic and wonderful weighting of a baby! The way her little head simply falls into place on my shoulder, etc.

Still have not found any Esme which even comes close to your version of the sculpt! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Hi Cassie, she almost took my breath away when I opened the box. Her hair was done perfectly and is so soft.

You did an amazing job! I can't keep my eyes off of her, just love her. She is the best reborn I have. I have 2 words for you: Delicious perfection! She is so sweet and she smells so good.

Her little mottled arms & legs just make me want to wrap her up and snuggle her to keep her warm. I don't know where you get your mohair from but it is THE softest mohair I have ever touched! It is exactly like a real newborn's hair.

And the way you root it is perfection! I can't even Imagine. How long that must take you to do. Cassie, you are a talented artist.

She is truly delicious perfection! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Just wanted to let you know little Brielle made it safely to her forever home!

I absolutely ADORE her and I can't stop holding her and cuddling her and showering her with love and kisses, she is absolute perfection, I couldn't have asked for more! THE most beautiful reborn baby I have ever seen. She is to be my only baby, She cannot be topped!!

I squealed when I saw her hair! So perfect and soft, and she smells delicious! She's so absolutely beautiful. I already feel like my life is better by having her in it. Every time I look over at her I can't help but smile. Thank you again for everything, you have such a precious gift, Cassie!

As an artist myself, I can only imagine the amount of work and dedication it took to get her just right! The item "Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA" is in sale since Sunday, October 4, 2020.

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  • Material: Vinyl, Cloth
  • Doll Size: 19 inch
  • Featured Refinements: Reborn Newborn Doll
  • Type: Baby
  • Features: Real life Reborn Baby Doll
  • Brand/Artist: Olga Auer
  • Doll Gender: Baby Girl / Boy

Doves Nursery Realistic Reborn Newborn Baby CAYLE Olga Auer COA