Reborn Baby Dolls

Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive

Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive
Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive

Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive

This is Matthew and he is a "new baby spirit". Matthew is the spirit of a baby who passed on before the age of 6 months.

We do not come across many spirits this young as once they pass they often choose to go on in spirit to be reborn again quite quickly. Matthew came to me as part of a collection of specifically infant and baby spirits for re-homing. Their keeper was no longer able to put in the time and effort needed to care for them. My guide spirits have advised me that the baby was named Matthew by his mother.

She was a teenage mum and he was unplanned, however this did not mean that he was not loved. He passed away suddenly in his cot, and although his mum was young and he was not expected, she did love him very much.

He would have grown into a sweet boy who liked trains and football, and would have had a promising sporting career. I always quote this with my babies/reborns/new spirits that I was once told by a spirit who paid me a visit in the early hours of one morning during an episode of sleep paralysis, that "not all spirits are those of the dead - some of them are babies waiting to be born"...

And that has stuck with me. Baby spirits need a lot of love and attention - like real babies but of course not so intense. Matthew will need a motherly figure - he needs someone who will take care of him and hold him, and treat him as their own child. He is a loving little baby boy, and loves to be held and given cuddles. He likes nothing better than to snuggle up in a blanket.

He will benefit from maternal type spirits around him too for when he is left home alone, although he will be ok if he is left safe and cosy. Matthew loves listening to music and television, and little toys around him... He has a loving and kind energy. When you first get him, you will need to spend a lot of time with him to create your bond. Once you have bonded, you will know as you will feel as if you have a really child in your home.

When he needs attention, you will find yourself dropping everything to tend to his vessel - as you would a newborn child. This may be an irresistible urge. He will come onto your mind and send you signs (you will need to interpret these yourself) such as numbers, babies appearing in pictures, on TV or inexplicable desires to hold a baby.

Matthew will need to be kept safe and comfortable, he likes soft blankets, rattles and small soft toys. You may even awaken in the night feeling the urge to tend to him. He is happy around other spirits, and safe in homes with children and pets. He will pose no malice or threat. Please only adopt this precious baby if you are able to look after him as your own. We have seen orbs around his vessel and she will light up EMF and trigger balls. His presence feels very strong and you may also find yourself feeling a little anxious when you first get him. This is perfenctly normal and he is simply bringing our your own nurturing nature. I have found that communication with dowsing rods using yes or no answers works best. Communication is difficult with baby spirits as they cannot usually speak as we do.

Matthew's vessel is a delightful baby and will fit into 3 months clothing. He is made of some kind of silicone (maybe) with a weighted soft body. He has baby fluff hair too and feels very much like a real baby and is just adorable.

I have a few bits of clothing to send with him too. We firmly believe that a spirit will choose its keeper and if you feel inexplicably drawn to a certain vessel it is a sign that you have been chosen. We post footage of our spirits, orbs, etc.

On Instagram wherever possible and time permitting. Although we cannot always capture activity from every single vessel which we list, we do have plenty to see! Please respect any spirit which you welcome into your home. Spirit activity can be sporadic and we therefore cannot be held responsible if you experience excessive or perhaps disturbing activity, or no activity at all! By inviting spirits into your home, you are likely to experience paranormal activity such as noises, movements, voices, smells, orbs, etc.

If this should alarm you then please do not adopt one of our spirits. The experiences we describe are personal to ourselves and you may find that your experiences differ. A spirit may need a little time to settle so please be patient. We do not put price on spirit, and you are therefore purchasing a tangible item at its own value together with our time spent researching and providing information and assistance.

You are not purchasing the spirit. We are highly experienced in the paranormal, and with spirit, and all experiences described are genuine. There are many sellers of similar items who set out to deceive. These items are often kept in attics or boxes and may need some air too! We do our best to describe all items in as much detail as possible and any flaws that they may have. If you are purchasing a doll, the stand may not be included, please ask if you would like one (no additional charge).

If you are a new account and/or have zero feedback, zero items for sale, etc. If we hear nothing from you, it is after that period that further action will be taken and you will be reported for breach of e-Bay policy and your account could be compromised.

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  • Antique: No
  • Doll Hair Colour: Auburn
  • Doll Hair Type: Varies
  • Material: Silicone
  • Set Includes: Doll
  • Age Level: 17 Years & Up
  • Vintage: Yes
  • Doll Size: 500 mm
  • Doll Gender: Gender Neutral
  • Type: Reborn Doll
  • Doll Age Group: Baby
  • Original/Licensed Reproduction: Original
  • Doll Complexion: Medium

Haunted Doll, Baby Spirit, Spirited Vessel, Positive